1I own a small business that deals with confidential information such as customer bank, credit card details and identity documents (Passports, Driving Licences.) How can I be sure my data is secure?
I.T. WEEE has a range of secure collection and destruction options to suit your budget in context with the level of risk. Any data bearing material is placed in tamper-proof sealed boxes and is securely destroyed to agreed levels within 48 hours of collection. Once destroyed, I.T. WEEE will provide you with a waste disposal and data destruction certificate.
2I wish to book a collection; how can I do this?
You can book a collection with us directly through our contact us page, or by calling our offices directly.
3Where does my WEEE Waste go?
The WEEE Waste that we collect from our customers is processed in our facilities in Portsmouth of Glasgow. I.T. WEEE operates a zero to landfill policy, and strictly adheres to the Waste Hierarchy: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-on-applying-the-waste-hierarchy If your WEEE cannot be refurbished it stripped down to its component level such that the raw materials can then be recycled through our Nationwide recycling partners. I.T. WEEE does not send any of our Electrical Waste to developing countries, and undertakes regular supply partner audits to ensure this remains the case.
4What areas do you service?
I.T. WEEE offer a National collection service. Our staff are fully vet checked, and vehicles are monitored with 360-degree video surveillance and GPS tracking.
5How much do collections cost?
Collections will generally be cost neutral however, this will be confirmed at the time of booking?
6What payment methods can I use?
Should there be a fee, you can pay for your waste collection by BACS and Debit/Credit card online once the total cost has been calculated. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro American Express cards and PayPal. I.T. WEEE also offers favourable account terms.
7Will I get a rebate from the material I supply you?
I.T. WEEE are totally transparent when it comes to our costs and any profit we are likely to make. We invite you to discuss rebates, and how you would like them fulfilled (including charitable donations via our live social media hook up).