Data Destruction

Data Destruction

Is your organisation G.D.P.R. compliant? Unless you’ve been living in a cave completely cut off from mainstream news you will no doubt have been aware that the European General Data Protection Regulations took effect in May 2018.

As an interested party, perhaps you’ve been considering whether those that hyped the market and caused mass hysteria were right or wrong? The fact is that only time will tell however, what we do know is that if you’re looking for a company that protects your interests without demolishing your business’ cash flow, then I.T. WEEE has a range of cost effective and highly secure products to suit your business needs.

In terms of who we are and what we do; I.T. WEEE’s staff undergo industry leading background checks and are fully staff vetted before our rigorous employee training program begins.

Our collection vehicles are free from advertising and are GPS tracked and secure video monitored.

All assets processed by I.T. WEEE are barcode recorded and electronically tracked throughout the designated process.

I.T. WEEE can help with on or offsite destruction of 100-percent of your data so whether you are a large or small business we can help you comply with the destruction of your sensitive waste, for example IT WEEE can shred your Hard Drives and SSD’s to 7mm either on your premises or at either of our secure premises.

Shredded hard drives data destruction
shredded hard drive hard drive destruction